why choose direct primary care (DPC)?

A DPC membership gives you unparalleled access to your doctor; care beyond your insurance card.

Our relationship is with you and not with insurance companies. We do not accept insurance for our professional services so we can deliver outstanding care and more extended visits. Instead, our patients pay a monthly subscription fee, like Netflix or a gym membership. Insurance is not billed, and thus your insurance will not influence your care.

We personalized your care. You choose the approach that best fits your primary care needs. Depending on the plan selected, membership fee can cover all of your visits for the year. It can include in-person visits, email, text, phone, and video visits, and much more. In essence, it means that we get to spend more time with you, whenever you need it, without making you jump through the hoops of a traditional medical practice and you are in control of your healthcare's spending. 

We are passionate about primary care and our patients. We genuinely love what we do, and for us to be part of your life is a privilege. 



Once you become a member, we'll schedule an appointment for your Yearly Physical Exam. 

On your first visit, we'll obtain your complete medical history, build a list of your primary health concerns, and perform a comprehensive physical exam.  All of this will help us dive into your current health status and together will build up a long term plan to help you achieve optimal wellness.

After your first visit, enjoy convenient visits in-office or virtually. In good health and sick times,  you can reach out to us as you need it. There are multiple ways to connect with us: via email, text, phone call, or video call, even without leaving your home or work. 

From questions about simple health issues or health maintenance to the care of acute illnesses (urine infections, colds and more) and chronic diseases (blood pressure, diabetes, thyroid and more), we'll be here for you. You will receive the same great approach to your medical care by your doctor, virtually or in-person. Receive peace of mind, of having a doctor who will address your health issues promptly. 

You will have us to manage your primary care needs & your insurance will be there in case of expensive health events such surgeries, hospitalizations, accidents, etc. 

You will always have the same doctor, even if your insurance changes because we contract directly with you. 

We are here for you  to help you solve small problems before they worsen.

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Simple, flat monthly fees for patients and/or families.

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