the way primary care should be!


Accessibility & Availability

  • Unlimited office visits with minimal to no wait times and relaxed, extended time with your doctor.

  • Access to medical care, even after business hours. There is no bad time to receive excellent medical care.

  • Unlimited Telemedicine.

  • Same day or next day consults via telemedicine or in persons.

  • We provide a  more personal experience when it comes to communication.  Patients have direct communication with their doctor via phone call, text, email or video consults.

Transparency & Savings

  • Straightforward & transparent pricing. 

  • No hidden fees, copays or complicated invoices.

  • Discounts in all of our other services.

  • Wholesale laboratory testing.

  • Discounted generic medications dispensed at the office.

  • Discounted Radiology prices.

  • Access to specialist's electronic consults via Rubicon MD.


Simple Pricing!

At our office, prices are very straightforward. 

One - Time Enrollment fee 

Individual -$100 / Couple - $150 / Family - $175

Monthly fees: 

Adult - $99 / month

*Child - $49 / month

* Discounts:

10% of total cost for couples

15%  of total cost for families (same household) of 3 or more.

10% for Teachers, Preachers, Military, Veterans, Police officers and Paramedics.

*Child = 18 y.o. or younger with enrollment of one parent.

* Discounts can't be combine with other discounts.

If you need help finding a health insurance to couple along with our membership, we can put you in contact with a trusted insurance agent.  There are great options out there that will provide coverage for unexpected, expensive emergencies, hospitalization, surgeries etc. Having both our membership + Catastrophic insurance, provides a complete health coverage.  You will have great coverage for primary care with us & coverage for expensive emergencies with that insurance. 


we do primary care differenT!

In times where primary care is becoming increasingly rushed and impersonal, we decided to:

1. Limit our practice size to a smaller size panel.

Fewer patients ultimately means that we get to spend more time with our patients, whenever they need it, without making them jump through the hoops of a traditional medical practice. Patients will not feel rushed through an appointment.

2. Remove insurance use for our services. 

We don't spent time on coding or billing insurances anymore, we focus on You. 

We do not accept any health insurance. However; there is no need to be scared or discouraged to join us, as many of our patients can actually save money by adding our membership to their current insurance plan. If you have no insurance, we can help you find the combination of healthcare and health insurance that saves you money and results in better quality service.

How does it work?

Annual Physical Exam Visit

You will undergo an Annual Physical Exam with laboratory test with the goal  to dive into your current health status (laboratory test cost is separate).

Together, you & your doctor, will build up a long term plan to achieve an optimal wellness.

Convenient care as you need it; in-office or virtually.

During the rest of the year, you can reach out to your doctor as needed via email, text or phone call  and you will receive the same great approach to your medical care by your personal doctor, virtually or in-person. 

In good health and sick times,  you can reach out to your doctor as you need her. You will have the peace of mind,  having a doctor who you can contact easily & who will address your health issues at a timely manner. 

You will always have the same doctor, regardless of your insurance status. We are here to help you solve small problems before they become bigger. From questions about simple health issues or health maintenance, to the care of acute illnesses ( urine infections, colds etc) and chronic diseases (blood pressure, diabetes, thyroid etc.), we are here for you.  

This membership is designed for people who are looking to make their primary care more personal, who are serious about their health and will like to develop a long term-relationship with their personal doctor.   

Be Proactive

Have More Questions?

We have compiled a list of the most frequent asked questions that we have received from our patients. 

Follow the link below to see them. 


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