dalian caraballo, m.d.

Welcome to my office!

I am  a board-certified family physician in Miami, Fl. 

I  was born and raised in Puerto Rico, achieved a bachelor degree in Biology at the Interamerican University of Puerto Rico, Medical School at the Iberoamerican University School of Medicine (UNIBE) in the Dominican Republic, and a specialty in Family Medicine at St. Elizabeth Hospital in Ohio. 

After residency, I worked in the field of urgent care and occupational medicine before moving to Florida to begin a career as the Staff Physician of the Krome Service Processing Center in 2013.  

As many physicians and people in our country, I also became frustrated with our healthcare system. In March 2017, after learning about the great benefits of the Direct Primary Care model, I opened my office, Your Family MD. My main goal is to bring primary care back to people. 

As a physician, mother, wife, friend, and, human being, my passion is to serve & help others. I love what I do and I enjoy providing care in a fashion that better serves my patient's needs. 

I've designed my pratice to be small, private and unique with a purpose. That is to be available for them when they need it, from wherever they are and to really have the time to get to know them and become part of their life. 

As physicians, we can't sit & wait for someone else to fix our primary care problem; we need to do our part. 

Let us help fix healthcare by doing what we love: 

Serve & Advocate for our Patients.  

I have embarked on the journey to restore the faith in healthcare.

— Dalian Caraballo, MD 

       Owner / Physician 


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