With us, you are in charge of your primary care's approach

One-Time Enrollment Fee for all memberships:

Individual - $ 100

Family - $ 200

Monthly charges by membership selected:

Telemedicine Membership

$ 60 / month per patient

Family maximum - $ 200 / month

Direct Primary Care Membership

$ 90 / month per patient.

Family maximum - $ 300 / month

Family = 2 parents and children 18 y.o or younger (same household).

Child = 18 y.o. or younger with enrollment of one parent.

If you need help finding health insurance to partner with our membership, we can put you in touch with a trusted insurance agent. There are excellent options that will provide coverage for expensive and unexpected emergencies, hospitalizations, surgeries, etc. Having our membership + catastrophe insurance provides full health coverage. You will have quality primary care coverage with us and coverage for expensive emergencies with health insurance.


better care, healthier life

Having a relationship with your doctor that is based on trust and respect, is a key stone for a better care and healthier life. Whether you have a medical condition or you are in the best health of your life, taking a proactive approach to your healthcare can improve your quality of life & health.  

Proactive vs Reactive Care:

Proactive care emphasizes on access to care, prevention & wellness.  Do not until sickness appear to begin taking care of yourself. 

We are here to customize your healthcare to fit your specific needs.