Healthcare is Broken & Patients are Suffering

Healthcare is a life-long journey that not necessarily needs to wait for illness to be started. 

Having a relationship with a doctor that is based on trust and respect, is a key stone for a better care and healthier life.  

Sadly, this is very difficult to achieve within today's healthcare system as it is driven by insurance bureaucracy.  

Outrageous premiums, copays, unavailability of appointments and  hyper-inflated prices for medical services are some of the common barriers that are not allowing families obtain the healthcare that they deserve

At, Your Family MD, we care for you.

Let's Simplify Healthcare with Direct Primary Care

Direct Primary Care (DPC), is a model of healthcare that place the patients first by getting rid of the use of the “middle man” (insurance) for primary care services. We simplify healthcare by undergoing 3 simple, basic changes: remove the "middle man", select a "magic number" and incorporate a simple  monthly membership fee.


Just the doctor and the patient. Simply, no third party interference. We are not paid by any insurance companies, we are paid by our patients. This means that we provide medical care that is not modified or dictated by insurance. We can focus our time on what is best for each patient to help them achieve their health care goals.

Patient + Doctor = Better Care, Better Access, More Value


We purposely decided to have fewer patients in order to provide a more personalized care. A small panel size ultimately means that the doctor have more time for each patient, when they need it, without making them deal with the frustrations of today's traditional healthcare. Our practice is limited to no more than 250 patients (traditional office takes care of 1,500 patients or even more). With fewer patients to care for, our doctor can devote enough time to each of them. 


By removing all the expenses that goes along with coding and billing needed on an insurance based practice, we can lower our overhead. We no longer need to see a “Quantity of Patients” to sustain the practice, we are not forced to limit the duration of time the doctors spent with patients  in order to see as many patients as possible in a day (25 - 30 patients a day). Instead, we incorporated a simple monthly fee that patients pays directly to their doctor.

Bring Healthcare Back to People


Our membership will provide patients with access to high quality, personalized medical care at a cost that will leave their hard earned money in their pocket. 


We provide a wide spectrum of primary care services for the whole family, catered to our patients needs & at their convenience with a simple pricing!


Most of the people in our country get their healthcare through work. We want to help employers provide access to healthcare to their employees. They deserve the best as they are the foundation of their business and the workforce of our community.

What our patients are saying?

Dr Dalian Caraballo is part of a refreshing direction in medicine, going back to the concept of the family doctor. She is available at the times that WE need her and not just when she becomes available like most practices in Miami. 

She is intelligent, caring and totally professional when dealing with my family's medical issues. My family actually have primary care physicians that are listed on their medical insurance, but prefer to see Dr. Caraballo instead. They put their health in the hands of someone they trust. Your Family MD Direct Primary Care should be your choice for your family needs. It is my choice for MY family.

R.H. 11/9/18

She's the Best! con sólo una llamada abrió las puertas de su oficina tarde en la noche para examinar a mi chiquita y hacerle todas las pruebas correspondientes al momento. Él mejor servicio personalizado y con mucho, mucho Amor. Servicio directo de médico a paciente sin prisa explicado al detalle. Me siento sumamente satisfecha y estoy feliz de pertenecer a la familia de Your Family MD Direct Primary Care. Mamá tranquila, mamá feliz !!!

R.S. 4/5/18

I choose Dr. Caraballo from Your Family MD to cover for our healthcare needs for her innovative-traditional-individualized approach, her focus on preventive medicine and her willingness to help me find the most effective treatment options at reasonable prices. After years uninsured, I now enjoy the peace of mind of having a doctor that I can trust.

J.S. 4/27/17