Primary Care

Designed Around Your Life

your Doctor

In the Palm of Your Hand

No insurance

Just You & Your doctor

time for you

On-time, relaxed visits.

accessible, convenient medical care with a personal touch

When it comes to healthcare patients prefer to see their doctor; the one who knows their conditions.

At Your Family MD, we genuinely care about you, and we understand that in healthcare, there is no "one size fits all". You are Unique, and therefore, your healthcare is too. We provide you a personal doctor and design your care to meet your real-life needs.

We believe that access to primary care is critical in helping patients achieve optimal health and live a long-lasting life. However, we also understand how difficult, inconvenient, and stressful; medical care could be in the current system. For that reason, we created a different kind of doctor's office that offers patients an honest, professional approach to primary care. A place they can call their medical home. 

We offer great access to quality care, price transparency, convenience & the valuable benefit of having a personal doctor whom you can contact directly whenever you need it, from wherever you are. 

With us, patients can keep their doctor, even if their insurance changes.

We do not work with any insurance, we work directly with our patients.

By not taking insurance, we  change the way people go to the doctor and make their experience enjoyable. Our patients aren't rushed through appointments, don't wait forever in a crowded waiting room, don't wait weeks to be seen & they are not left alone to navigate the healthcare system. 

we work directly with you in 2 different ways:

Pay a Membership

Direct Primary Care = Our patients become members of our clinic and pay a monthly fee that offers them unparalleled access to their personal doctor.

Pay for Individual Service

Designed for patients who prefer to pay per service as needed during the year. 

Membership is Limited to 250 patients!

Become a member and enjoy the benefits that comes with being part of a 

small, private and intimate primary care practice.  It is care designed to fit your real-life needs with a doctor who becomes part of your life.

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Important: We do not work with any insurance.  We take care of  patients or all ages; however, currently we are  unable to contract with patients on Medicare (this will change in the near future). We are not health insurance and we recommend all our patients to pair our membership with at least a high deductible insurance or health sharing. If you need help finding an insurance we can direct you to a trusted insurance broker.